Global Opportunities Fund


The administrator of the Global Opportunities Fund formally announced the decision to close the Global Opportunities Fund on 17 December 2008. In 2009, three distributions were paid to participants. In April 2016 an interim liquidation payment was distributed to participants. In total, 100% of the intrinsic value per end of December 2008 has been refunded to participants.

The indicative intrinsic value of the Global Opportunities Fund is published at month end. The Fund Manager publishes quarterly reports. In the case of important new developments, an interim report will be published.

The value of the portfolio of the Global Opportunities Fund is formed by the Thielert claim (valued at zero) and the liquidities that are necessary to sustain the Thielert claim. The Global Opportunities Fund has also submitted a claim into the insolvency estate of Thielert AG (this claim is valued at nihil).

At this point in time it is unclear if and when the remaining part of the portfolio can be liquidated. Certain factors play a role in this situation which are mainly beyond the direct control of the administrator.

Net asset value *

Net Asset Value 30 April 2018 € 6.43
Net Asset Value 31 December 2017 € 6.43
Net Asset Value 31 December 2016 € 6.91
Net Asset Value 31 December 2015 € 28.87



On 24 April 2017, the administrator has send out a request to all participants to update the participants file in the registry of the fund (a recent copy identification and bank account statement with name and adress).  On 14 June 2017 a second request was send to those participants who had not yet updated their information. We kindly but urgently request participants to reply to this request and send the updated information. A future payment can only be made to those participants with a complete file.

The information can be sent to the email of the administrator CACEIS Bank:

In case of changes in participant’s contact details

If participants would like to change address and/or bank account number, please click here

If particpants would like to transfer Units, please click here

* This is the net asset value before deduction of provisions taken. In 2009, three distribution payments were made from the Global Opportunities Fund for a total of €209 per participation. An interim liquidation payment of Eur 21.50 has been distributed to participants on 18 April 2016. This is equivalent to 100% of the intrinsic value of the Global Opportunities Fund at 31 December 2008 (€ 230.97).