European Opportunities Fund

The European Opportunities Fund is a long/short equity hedge fund, and invests in both large caps and small caps, depending on where the best opportunities exist for an attractive return on investment.

Investment style
The investment style is characterised by a focus on just a limited number of businesses in a limited geographical area within Europe (primarily Benelux). The European Opportunities Fund is based on an opportunistic and flexible approach that makes it possible to quickly react on any long or short opportunities that emerge within the focus area.

The European Opportunities Fund aims to achieve a positive return on investment, regardless of the prevailing economic conditions. The objective is to achieve an annual average net return on investment of 15%.

The European Opportunities Fund has a portfolio of generally between ten and twenty stocks. This number is a product of the vision that any investment must always be preceded by fundamental analysis. This is a process that takes a considerable amount of time. The management team believes this is the right way to ensure profitable investment. It requires a great deal of patience and a focus on long-term goals.
The European Opportunities Fund invests based on fundamental and financial analysis, and adopts a so-called ‘bottom-up’ approach. The strong focus also makes it possible to adequately respond to situations involving undervaluation and overvaluation. Furthermore, the European Opportunities Fund invests in shares and stock markets when a supposed overreaction occurs. We also regularly take positions with a contrary character.

With short positions, for example, the European Opportunities Fund can take advantage of businesses that are highly valued after several favourable years, and companies that are expected to perform below expectations.

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