Global Opportunities Fund


The fund manager of the Global Opportunities Fund formally announced the decision to close the Global Opportunities Fund on 17 December 2008. In 2009, three distributions were paid to participants. In April 2016 an interim liquidation payment was distributed to participants. In the fourth quarter of 2018 the fifth liquidation payment was made to those participants with an up to date register file. In total, 110% of the intrinsic value per end of December 2008 has been refunded to participants.

The indicative intrinsic value of the Global Opportunities Fund is published at month end. The Fund Manager publishes quarterly reports. In the case of important new developments, an interim report will be published.

Recent developments:

2 November – The Global Opportunities Fund (GOF) has received a remaining amount from the trustee of Thielert AG. The latter claim was valued at € 0. As a result, the indicated net asset value per participation of the GOF increases from € 2.91 as of June 30, 2020 to an indicated value of € 8.10 as of October 31, 2020 (+ 178%).

The bankruptcy trustee has completed the bankruptcy estate of Thielert AG and paid the full amount allocated to the GOF in October, so that the GOF will now be finalized. It is the intention of the manager of the GOF to pay the entire remaining amount of the indicated net asset value of € 8.10 per unit to participants as a final liquidation payment as soon as possible. After this final payment, the GOF for participants is fully completed.

The total settlement in the Thielert lawsuit for the GOF came to an amount of € 52 million. As a result, all participants will ultimately have received a total amount of € 51.38 per unit. During the upcoming shareholders’ meeting, the manager will further inform the participants about the process of completion, after which payment will follow.

Net asset value *

Net Asset Value 31 October 2020 (indicative) * € 8.10
Net Asset Value 30 Juni 2020 €2.91
Net Asset Value 31 December 2019 € 2.92
Net Asset Value 31 December 2018 €3.21

* after final claim received

IMPORTANT Update Registry

Participants who hold their Units directly into the Register of the Global Opportunities Fund:

We kindly but urgently request participants to send any changes in address or other information to the fund manager. A future payment can only be made to those participants with a complete file.

The information can be sent to the email of the fund manager :

In case participants hold their Units indirectly via a bank or asset manager, the above is not applicable.

In case of changes in participant’s contact details

If participants would like to change address and/or bank account number, please click here for the mutation form

If particpants would like to transfer Units, please click here

* This is the net asset value including provisions taken. In 2009, three distribution payments were made from the Global Opportunities Fund for a total of €209 per participation. An interim liquidation payment of Eur 21.50 has been distributed to participants on 18 April 2016. The fifth distribution payment was made in the fourth quarter of 2018. This is equivalent to 110% of the intrinsic value of the Global Opportunities Fund at 31 December 2008 (€ 230.97).